Garden sheds have become an essential part of the Australian backyard, and in some property spaces, they are now even becoming a showpiece item. Being able to have a secure, durable space to store all your tools is something every Aussie bloke requires. Shipping containers are fast becoming an affordable and smarter alternative to traditional styles of backyard set ups.

Here are four reasons why shipping containers make a great garden shed. 


The most important reason to use a shipping container to transform your backyard storage space is the security offered. Many traditional garden sheds are built by using wooden materials and have several vulnerable points, such as hinges and their frames. Shipping containers are constructed using strong metals like steel, which makes breaking in very difficult for thieves. Ditching a traditional garden shed and opting for a shipping container will make life harder for intruders trying to get their hands on your tools or projects.


Have you ever had a garden shed that’s been severely damaged by a storm? Conventional backyard shed’s that endure plenty of water can be prone to mould, which can eventually destroy the structure of your storage space. Shipping containers on the other hand are designed from stronger materials designed to tolerate any condition. This means that you can expect your backyard storage space to last for decades if it is made from a shipping container.

Larger storage space

One of the most important elements of a garden shed is the storage size and, in certain situations, it can be a limitation. For some backyard enthusiasts, standard garden sheds may not be big enough to store larger items, such as ride-on lawnmowers or wheelbarrows. Shipping containers are typically around 20 feet long and can be up to double the size of a regular shed. This level of size offers extensive space to store larger items and is also a cost-effective solution.


Regular wooden garden sheds with poorly sealed windows can lead to equipment inside becoming water damaged. As they spend much of their time over the oceans, shipping containers always must endure exposure from elements such as water and wind. This makes a shipping container the perfect option to ensure that you have a waterproof space for your tools and equipment.

If you’re interested in one of our containers to use in your backyard as a garden shed, contact the team at Southwest Containers today.